Summary: Ocean Protocol Business & Product Development

Below is a collection of resources and posts that document my journey of business and product development for Ocean Protocol.

Go To Market Analysis for Data Markets & Data Brokers on Ocean Protocol

We identified some ways to identify potential buyers for Ocean Market. TL:DR Best type of buyers are data resellers who are familiar with crypto/web3.

7 lessons Web3 data markets can learn from the Web2 data economy

A collection of observations from looking into Web2 data markets.

Useful resources for future Ocean Data Markets & Brokers

A broad collection of links and resources.

Introducing 4 Data Provider Groups that feed data into Ocean Protocol

Looking at the ways in which data can enter Ocean Protocol (through the many services they can provide). The 4 groups were Experimenters, Data Sellers, Ocean Market Entrepreneurs and Data Union innovators.

What makes a data provider attractive for Ocean Markets?

TLDR: An innovative group at the intersection of the web3 and data ecosystems willing to experiment and provide high quality data that’s valuable to the innovative data buyers also experimenting within Web3/Ocean Protocol.

How to find data providers that add value to Ocean Protocol

We can put a specific focus on finding data providers that provide a valuable combination of Data + Use Case + Work while remaining profitable (to sell).

Why I believe the key to the Web3 data economy is data professionals & blockchain data

Focusing on blockchain data, attracting data scientists and developers leading to the development and launch of Ocean Missions.

Ocean Missions

Web3 blockchain analytics built on Ocean Protocol.