Product Development:

Product Development

Industry: Music, Software Development

Skills: Software Development, ChatGPT, Vue.js, Javascript, Product Management

Case Study

After working closely with software development teams over a number of years and upskilling my knowledge of computer programming I decided to take on a passion project which would push my programming skills and knowledge to the limit.

After experimenting with ChatGPT and seeing how effectively it would write scripts, I decided to see if I could use my programming knowledge and ChatGPT to do something I had never done before. I decided to attempt to build a project I had been thinking about which involved curating Middle Eastern and North African bands. 

I had wanted to learn how to build a single page web app using Vue.js and integrate with an API for a while due to the far reaching applicability of this model and decided this was my opportunity.

I started with a simple JS script which I would execute from the terminal to request an authorisation token from the Spotify API. Once I got this working I had a second script use this token to fetch content from Spotify. Once this was working I combined them both into a single function and knew that I had the bare bones of what was required to build my web app. I then began learning the basics of the Vue.js framework. 

After following the tutorials in the docs I had a simple Vue.js app running locally and started to wrap my head around Vue components. I built my first component taking the API logic I had tested earlier and reached the same goal now with the logic being executed from within a Vue component and printing the output to the console. 

Next I built out the component to fetch and display the actual content that I needed and started to adjust the CSS. I introduced separate components for the header and footer and began sharing a working version of the web app with a few close friends to collect initial feedback around the concept. 

I subsequently made minor tweaks and validated interest in the idea. I now plan to improve the app by adding more bands and a search filter before conducting a more public release.

This is an ongoing project and you can see my live progress by following on Instagram.