Ocean Missions – Case Study

Website www.OceanMissions.com

Product: An online community of Data professionals extracting valuable insights from public Blockchain data.

Background: Ocean Protocol is a data focussed protocol that’s built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. I built Ocean Missions to bring more data professionals into the Ocean ecosystem to explore the novel tech the Ocean team has built. 

The community has a functional role too. Community members can collaborate with others to extract valuable insights about NFTs, DeFi and Crypto from blockchain data. This information is becoming increasingly more valuable to both the public and private sector.

The Process

Step 1:

First I wanted to identify the areas in which data enters the Ocean Protocol ecosystem.

Introducing 4 data provider groups that feed data into Ocean Protocol
How to find data providers that add value to Ocean protocol

Step 2:

Next I wanted to understand which data providers are likely to provide data that’s most valuable to the Ocean ecosystem.

Step 3:

Then I broke down a successful data transaction from the perspective of both buyer & seller to understand the flow of value.

What makes a data provider attractive for ocean markets
Ocean Missions

Step 4:

From here I came up with the idea of a blockchain analytics organisation which leverages the unique capabilities of Ocean Protocol to incentivise data professionals to work together to co-create and co-own valuable data assets.

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